Philippe Thomassigny - Personal Experience

Actually CTO @

Linked-in: /in/thomassigny

Personal Projects:

The WebAbility® Network GO libraries, lots of GPLv3 Freeware and the Xamboo.

- Amazon Alexa Go framework for lambda server
- Analytics for GO
- XCore for GO
- XConfig for GO
- XDominion for GO
- Wajaf for GO
- XDommask for GO
- Xamboo for GO
- XModules for Xamboo-GO
- Bitso API for GO

The WebAbility® Network, lots of GPLv3 Freeware and the WebAbility Developement plateform.

Wiki Manuals of the freeware tools.

Full realtime animated Java 3D rendering engine (very old java code, need to invalidate java certificates).

Sites I do an maintain:

Fantabulastico - Intelligent games

Fantabulastico - Star

Fantabulastico - Invasion

Arka game


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